For 15 years, Henry has been leading the Indian Nose sunrise hike.

Many tour companies provide comparable Sunrise Hikes;

Henry is the original, providing pick-up from communities around the lake, food, and a guide from beginning to end.

Mayan Nose Sunrise Hike

Lake Atitlan Indian Nose Sunrise Hike

There is nothing like welcoming the start of a new day at the top of a summit and watching the array of colors glow brightly in the sky as the sun rises above the three volcanoes

Toliman, San Pedro, and Atitlan—turning the sky into a cornucopia of colors.

So set your alarms bright and early for this adventure of hiking under the stars on your way to one of the most beautiful sunrise vantage points on the lake and a feast for your senses.

With the amazing scenery, this hike has become one of our favorite ways to start another remarkable day and reconnect with nature in Guatemala.


Bring a camera, water, snacks, sun protection (hat, shades, sunscreen), good walking shoes or sneakers are recommended (no flip-flops), and be prepared to have an incredible adventure!

Guatemala History of Indian’s Nose

The Indian’s Nose is at the top of the mountain above the cities of San Juan La Laguna.

It is accessible through various tracks and there are also organized trips with horses to the top.

Lying in the country’s most western highlands, the country’s prettiest looking place is the pure and blue lake Atitlan. A large collapsed volcanic cone can be found right at Lake Atitlan.

The descendants of the ancient place called Maya, even today live off the land which is rich in ash and other minerals.

Lake Atitlan Indian Nose Sunrise Hike

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